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Health Pill Mania!

Now, I can focus on restoring my body’s essential (formerly depleted) building blocks for health and vitality…as a mom of four young kids, I can always use more “vitality” :-). Top Row (from left to right): Omega 3,6,9; Energizing Iron; Magnesium; Quantum Adaptogen Complex; Quantum Pregnenolone; Bone Basics(calcium+) Bottom Row (from left to right): Coenzyme […]

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Pill Mania!

Once Upon A Time, My Life Was Consumed With Managing Pain and the Resulting ‘Collateral Damage’ My Body Suffered From All Of It! Share on Facebook Tweet This Post

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Cost of 3 Patient’s SI Surgeries In Gainesville, GA from 2009-2011

DETAILS SURROUNDING MELANY’S SI SURGERY IN GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 02/2009 REMEMBER, my surgery was extensive but it was done all at one time in the same operation…here is what my SI Surgery with Weiss/Sims on 02/17/2009 entailed: 1) bilateral screw removal, 2) bilateral screw fixation 3) bilateral bone material removal from previous bone fusion 4) bilateral bone fusion (traditional open back […]

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The SI Surgeon Is Responsible For Positive Outcomes NOT The IMPLANT Company!

Q: Why do I carry on talking about the “implants” used for my SI Surgery? A: Because if you have had screws, plates or even SI Bone’s ifuse implants surgically inserted and you have not had successful results from your SI Surgery…unless the implants themselves have a defect, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of your SURGEON not the company […]

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Post-op SI Surgery Time Markers: 3mos, 6mos, 9mos, 12mos, 18mos, 2yrs…

Here’s what I chided myself with post-op…repeated it to several other wonderful SIJD-er’s who have undergone SI Surgery…”you’ve lived with this pain for X amount of years, give it at LEAST a few months to heal!” I will share with you what I WISH someone would have shared with me post-op (excuse me if it’s […]

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